Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wordpress: A Powerful CMS to Explore Unlimited Scope of Earning Money

Wordpress and Its Background: 
At present wordpress is the leading CMS leaving other CMS like Joomla and Drupal. It is a customizable and user friendly open source CMS to create any type of personal blog or to build any corporate site, business site or any e-commerce site.Almost everything is possible with wordpress. It has variuos SEO friendly features which is another important reason of its popularity.The wordpress service market and product market is emerging day by day for it’s popularity.
It was beyond imagination where it’ll stand after 10 years when Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little decided to fork blogging software b2 to create Wordpress in the year 2003.Among all other content management system only wordpress is sharing 66% of the total market.15% of all worldwide websites are built with wordpress.
Potential earning from Wordpress: 
For it’s growing popularity the service market and product market of wordpress growing continuously.Various types of jobs related to wordpress are available in the freelance market like freelancer, odesk, elance, themeforest,etc.
Many people are working there at a rate of $40/$50 on hourly basis.For a professional wordpress developer the rate is above $80/$100 per hour.

Ways of Earning by Wordpress: 
We can divide earning from wordpress in three categories-
1.      Using wordpress as a website or blog and monetize that blog to earn money through advertising (like google adsense, chitika, infolinks etc.), selling products,paid membership,affiliate links and so on.
2.      Second is entering to the vast market of wordpress for developing, programming, designing and customizing. For example you can develop attractive themes and sell it to other via diifrent market like themeforest or even from your own website.
3.      Third one is to selling professional wordpress service as a freelancer. You can help other people with their projects on contractual basis if you are skilled and expertised in a specific area of wordpress.
There are many potential fields you can involve with for a bright career.
# Designing Templates
# Customizing Themes & Templates
# Developing Premium Theme
# Converting Other Website to Wordpress
# Designing Headers
# Creating Wordpress Plugins
# Wordpress SEO
What You Should Know:  
 If you want to become a successful wordpress theme developer you must know PHP coding along with HTML, CSS, MYSQL, Ajax and Jquery. And for wordpress customization you can work with basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and wordpress Framework.You should also know how to convert psd to html and psd to wordpress for the conversion works.It may take two months to six months to become an wordpress developer.
For your reference I have provided the following links of some eBooks.Visit and start your journey right now:

 3 Best Free eBooks To Learn WordPress:

1. Getting Started With WordPress : 

This book introduces you to WordPress as an open source website platform.Step by step instructions in this book will give you comfort to go with WordPress smoothly.  

This is a great book for the beginners to start with WordPress.This book covers the basic fundamentals in 5 chapters :

Chapter 1- The fundamentals of any WordPress theme

Chapter 2- The index.php and styl.css files

Chapter 3- The header, sidebar and footer

Chapter 4- The single, comments and page files

Chapter 5- The archive, home and functions files

 3. WordPress SEO:

It will help people to get acquainted with Search Engine Optimization with WordPress. This eBook will provide primary guideline to maximize your earning using WordPress blog . 

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