Tuesday, August 09, 2011

How to create Google Adsense account ....

Google Adsense is the most popular way of earning online. It has a great potentiality of income. What you have to do, is to keep patience. We’ll discuss more about Google adsense in our later posts. Now let's proceed on... At first, to create an account you must have a website of your own or a blog site. Now click on this link http://www.adsense.com
 A window will come as follows :

how to create google adsense account for online earning from blog.

Click on the ‘Sign up now’ button. Another window will come as follows:

Carefully fill up all the options here. First of all, type your website or blog site address in the Website URL box. Then, select website language as English. You will find the following boxes next to website language:
 I will not place ads on sites that include incentives to click on ads.
I will not place ads on sites that include pornographic content.

Click both of boxes. Now in the contact information select ‘individual’ in Account type and Select ‘Bangladesh’ in Country or Territory. Fill up the Payee name (full name) very carefully with your full name and complete your address information correctly. Because your earned Dollar will be sent this address. Finally, click all the checkboxes under the policies segment and click ‘Submit information’ button.


AdSense applicants must agree to adhere to AdSense program policies (details)
I agree that I will not click on the Google ads I'm serving through AdSense.
I certify that I have read the AdSense Program Policies.
I do not already have an approved AdSense account. (Click here if you do.)

You will get  a window next mentioning all the information you put there. Check through it. If  ok  then scroll the window below. Click the check box mentioning ‘I have an email address and password,,,’ and ‘I’d like to use my existing Google account for Adsense’.  Below  click on the ‘Sign into Google account’ button. Now sign in with your email and password. After signing in you find welcome message from Google adsense and you’ll also be informed that your Google adsense application has been submitted. You’ll get the result within two or three days. If Google likes your websites or blog you will find adsense is working automatically on your  site or blog. Google will inform you in this case by email. If Google find any problem on your site or blog or dislike it they will give you notification by email. At that case, by following their instruction and after changes are incorporated to your site or blog as per their requirement , you can re-apply for adsense.  

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