Friday, March 22, 2013

All About Affiliate Marketing:How To Be A Successful Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is mainly earning an affiliate sales commission by promoting others products or services.Generally an affiliate marketer earns 25% to 75% commission against every sale.It's a popular medium of earning handsome money.for details visit

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is mainly earning an affiliate sales commission by promoting others products or services.This is a type of online marketing . It requires you a website of your own by which you you’ll send visitors to others site convincing to buy their products or services. You will earn a percentage as commission against every sale linked from your site. This percentage may vary depending on product or service. Generally an affiliate marketer earns 25% to 75% commission against every sale.

The Ways Affiliate Marketing Works

When you are registered for an affiliate program you have to choose a product that you want to sell. After selecting product sellers will provide you a unique affiliate code .Using this code you’ll be able to refer traffic to the targeted site .Most of the affiliate sites provide various text links, banners in different forms as well as other forms of creative copies by which you’ll be able to copy the code and place it on your websites to refer traffic.
While the visitor will browse your site they’ll find the links as banner or in other form promoting the various product or services and will be interested to purchase those products via your link. When any sale will be initiated, you’ll get your desired affiliate commission.

Why start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online among the various types of online business. This is a very profitable business. Anyone can take it as a part-time or full time job. You need not learn any programming. You need not to be expert on any particular software. Your success in this business depending on the amount of time and effort invested on it. It is totally cost effective. No significant costs are involved with this. It opens up the opportunity to access the global market to reach everyone. It is the best way of passive income. Affiliate marketing can create a smart income even when you are sleeping. No obligation of time involvement. No boundaries as you can work from home. The more time you will spend with it, the more opportunity of unlimited income will be opened to you.   

How to Start Affiliate Marketing As a Beginner

  1. Create a Website or Blog: First of all you to have create your own website or blog to start with affiliate marketing. You can buy your website from GoDaddy or HostGator . You can also create your website on free of cost at  Blogger  or Squidoo . It’s totally upon you, anywhere you feel comfortable you can start with.
  1. Select a Good Product/Service Niche: The most important thing of affiliate marketing is to select a specific and effective product niche. Don’t go with too many different affiliate programs to promote almost everything. It’ll misguide your effort. Select a specific product/service that people are really hungry for. Research the market need. Follow the current trend and understand what they demand. Then maintain and develop your site topic with rich content relevant to the selected product. "MyBestExerciseBike" is an example of niche site you may have an idea about. A survey of affiliate summit 2012 shows that 62.5% affiliate marketers are working with consumer products, 6.4% affiliate marketers are working with business related products/services and rest 34.1% are working with both.   There are many reputed affiliate networks who will show you how to make money by selling their various attractive products and services. Such as:
**        Amazon
**        Clickbank
**        Commission Junction
**        E-junkie
**        Linkshare
**        PayDotCom
**        Affiliate Window
**        Bluesnap
**        Google Affiliate
  1. Affiliate Site Content: To create a profitable affiliate websites, you should add good and rich content that will attract your readers. Good content means full of useful information, advices, suggestions and various resources for your readers.  If your website contains content such as articles, product review, blog , posts, videos, pictures  that actually give your readers a true view of what they are looking for , they will spend more time  to continue reading and maybe interested to purchase from that website.
  1. Attract targeted traffic: People visiting your website will not click every affiliate link on your site. You have to set different strategy to increase traffic as well as to pull the targeted traffic to your site. The more targeted traffic you can pull to your site, the more chances to sell your affiliate products. You can use Google webmaster tool for enhancing visitor to site. You should adopt Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to optimize your site. You can also apply various ways to promote your site by paid advertising, free advertising, e-mail marketing, article marketing, forum posting, etc.
  1. Evaluate Affiliate Campaign and Set Strategy: You should test, measure and evaluate your campaigning strategy on a timely interval. Set a plan, implement and review the effectiveness of plan. If the plan is not up to the mark than find the loophole and set another effective strategy. Keep your research always on about affiliate marketing. Browsing various affiliate blog will help you identify an effective strategy for your site. Continuous reviewing of performance of strategy like changing of a few things on your site may increase your profit radically.
  1. Use Helpful Affiliate Marketing Tools:  Efficient use of affiliate marketing tools will make you more successful as an affiliate marketer. These tools have various features like keyword research, conversion rate analysis, product trend analysis, etc. There are many helpful affiliate marketing tools are available online. Such as:
#  Spyfu


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