Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brief Introduction of some freelancing sites....!

This site is very versatile and dependable site in the world of freelance. Payment is made here against job on hourly basis. Budgeted jobs are also available here. During registration on this site, you have to fix your hourly rate. After completion of job you’ll be paid only for your completed tasks. Before bidding any job you it is recommended to complete your profile to 100% . You can make it 100% by appearing some tests which is easy for you like Odesk Readiness test, English skill test, Vocabulary test, Ms Word, MS Excel etc. For your ready reference you may search for a lot of test answer sheets which are available at google. Google deducts 10% commission per job completed by you. A lot of  jobs are available here. Focus on a particular skill and keep trying. Definitely you’ll achieve your goal.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Freelancing! Easy Way of Earning Online!!!

A lot of people around the world changing their own fate by way of freelancing each and every second. You need not to be bound to anybody. You are your own boss. You have your own independence to work at anytime. Just become a freelancer and drive your own career. Earning Money is so easy!!!! OOPs!! Sorry! It’s not that much easy as you think! Freelancing is easier for them who have dedication and patience. So! Mind it…!
Basic introduction of freelancing,online outsourcing and online earning.Learn how to earn working from home.

What is Freelancing / Freelancer?