Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good News For Bangladeshi Freelancers !!!!

Tension of safely receiving money has been dissolved for all Bangladeshi freelancers. People who work online in Bangladesh always face this common problem of payment procedure. Most of our freelancers receive their payment through ‘Payoneer debit card’    or via any third party which sometimes cost a lot or sometimes create hassles. ‘Paypal’ and ‘Alertpay’ are most popular medium of transacting money online throughout the world. But for certain limitation they have not started their operation up to last few days. You are already informed that ‘Paypal' has declared about starting their journey to Bangladesh within September’12.But the good news is ‘Alertpay’ (another popular medium of transacting money online) has already started their journey in Bangladesh. In the recent Basis Softexpo , they have formally started their operation in Bangladesh.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Guideline to Become a Successful Freelancer…!! (Part-2)

 Some Important Facts To Be Considered:

At the beginning of your journey to freelancing world , you should be acquainted with some facts, which would help you in the long run.

After completion of your job, client will vote/rate your job (may be within 1 to 10) based on your skill. It plays very important role to win bid for new job. Once you have got  a good rating from your client, it’ll make your next bid more easier to win. So, before submitting   your job, go through your client’s requirement. If your rating is lower, your chance of winning bid for job will reduce.

Guideline of freelancing and online outsourcing.Learn how to work in online marketplace and grab all tips & tricks of online income.

Ranking will show your position among the freelancer working on a freelancing site.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Guideline to Become a Successful Freelancer…!! (Part-1)


          In the world of freelancing there are a lot of opportunities waiting for you. But first of all you have to select your own way. There are a lot of ways in the freelance market .You have to understand which way you should walk through. Don’t rush for quick money and don’t be trapped!! Always remember one thing….. Where there is quick money, there are more traps waiting for you. Keep patience! Learn than earn slowly. After a certain period you’ll find dollars are running after you! This is not dream! This is the truth! You have to keep this belief in your heart.
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