Thursday, July 12, 2012

Directory Listing: Increase Visitor and Increase Income…

Directory Listing is a very effective way of bringing in high volume of visitor to your website.By enlisting your site in directory you’ll be a step forward in case of SEO.Learn how to make money by directory listing from

Directory Listing is another important way of increasing traffic to your website. Now a days almost everyone want to be successful in the Internet Business and the competition is too high therefore. So, people always run after new initiative by time. Directory Listing is a very effective way of bringing in high volume of visitor to your website. Directory Listing is mainly like a book where URL lists are enlisted and segmented by subject. By Directory Listing visitors can easily reach to their intended websites. It has organized each website in every possible segment based on the subject matter. Directory Listing saved a lot of time of the visitors. It is not like the search engine but list of websites is made here based on keyword. You have to enlist your

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Forum Posting: That Boosts Web Traffic...

Forum posting is great way of marketing your site. You should adopt Forum marketing if you want to pull a good number of traffic to your site.It's an important part of SEO.Forum is mainly a online discussion board by which people can communicate with each other in the form of message. Messages in the Forum are not seen instantly. To see new message you have to reload the page. Every Forum is maintained and controlled by the moderator. You message will be posted in the Forum if the moderator approves it. There may be various segments like Forum, Subforum, Topic, Thread, Replay etc. You have to register with certain information before joining in the Forum. There are a lot of forums in the internet which have millions of member. People discuss here about various matters and seek solution to any problem as well as exchange various information with each other. You can give here your website link. If your website is relevant to the Forum and if you give reference of your website in the relevant discussion than you’ll get many visitor to your site. Forum posting is great way of marketing your site. You have to search popular Forum on

Monday, June 18, 2012

Article Writing / Marketing: That makes money for you…

Most of the people among us are able to write an article about anything. During our institutional education period most of us have prepared different assignments on different subjects. We all know that article is mainly writing a discussion about something. So, it is not a new issue. But the issue what we are going to discuss briefly is how to make your article into money or how to increase your income by article writing.

            There are a lot of websites available in the world of internet, where people write article on various topic and submit. Many people visit these sites everyday to gather necessary information on various topics. As a result everyday these sites get millions of visitor on an average. You can also earn money by submitting article to these sites on your favorite topic.

You can earn money by submitting article to various sites on your favorite topic.Learn how to make money online by article submission from

            If you have your own website than Article Marketing is a very good process to get a handsome traffic to your site. You may write article about some topics related to your site. For example, if your site is about sports than write article about sports and submit them to some free article submission sites with your site link. If your written article is good in content and informative than search engine like google, yahoo will get this as well as you‘ll get visitor to your own site. So, you should try to develop a good habit of regular article writing and article publishing. As much as article you can write, as much as visitor you’ll get for your site. Here we discussed about some popular sites for your reference as follows:
      A lot of visitor visit this site everyday and read article, write article or search for information on different topics. At present google page rank of this site is 6 and alexa ranking is 298 .

Monday, May 21, 2012

Top 20 Basic SEO Tips: Increase Traffic To Your Site....

1.                                   The first and most important thing of SEO is, belonging quality content to your website. Quality contents pull visitors redundantly as people find them useful.
 Top 20 Basic SEO Tips and guidelines.Increase Traffic To Your Site and rank your site.Learn how to SEO and earn online money.
2.                       When writing contents try to use effective keywords in it and avoid irrelevant and excessive keyword. You may visit to learn which popular keywords are being used in the current time.
3.                          After completion of your site, submit your URL to various search engine like google,bing,yahoo etc.

4.                           Submit your URL to various web directory to spread your site worldwide.You can take the help of  url submitizing software which you can download from internet. You may visit   for more web directory list and submission.

5.                          Submit details information of your business and your website, to Google Maps. By this visitors will get your actual location and visit your site on their need.

6.                          Create sitemap by software or by using   and upload sitemap.xml file to  the web server. Sitemap is mainly the summary of your website. It is very important to create your page rank.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

First Odesk Contractor Appreciation Day on May 16 at Dhaka!

As we know after a selection process Dhaka has been selected for Odesk Contractor Appreciation Day along with other three cities of different countries. Recently Odesk declared their First Odesk Contractor Appreciation Day is going to be held at Dhaka on May 16.Odesk has given this news on April 28,2012 on their official fan page of facebook. This program will be arranged at Emmanuelle's Banquet Hall, Dhaka. Odesk has already issued invitations to users' registered email addresses with unique registration codes. No more tickets are available now. For the continual demand for tickets Odesk is trying to find scope of open up more spots at this local event, in that case they promised to share details to all instantly.

Best of luck to the upcoming Odesk Contractor Appreciation Day,Dhaka ! Again, thanks to Odesk for giving this opportunity to celebrate. Good wishes to Odesk ,on behalf of all the freelancers of Bangladesh.

For getting more update and being connected with Odesk you can visit this official fan page… .

 For your Update:

Check out the latest post on the oDesk blog, where oDesk's VP of Marketplace Operations Matt Cooper recounts his recent trip to Dhaka, Bangladesh for Contractor Appreciation Day! He also discusses why the country has been so successful with online work, and why it will continue to thrive on oDesk. 

Read this article by Matt Cooper......   Bangladesh:An Online Work Success Story

Monday, April 30, 2012

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

A lot of SEO jobs are available in most of the freelance marketplaces like Odesk, Freelancer, Vworker, Elance etc. Get clear understanding about SEO.Learn the basic of search engine optimization.People involved with outsourcing or freelancing job online, are already acquainted with the term ‘SEO’. A lot of SEO jobs are available in most of the freelance marketplaces like Odesk, Freelancer, Vworker, Elance etc. Many people have no clear understanding about SEO. As a result they get confused to continue with SEO jobs. The scope and area of SEO is so huge, it is hard to define it with any single definition.

What is Search Engine?

Search Engine is a strong computer program, which functions to organize all the scattered information of internet world and preserves them into their own database. Then show them on their websites in few seconds based on the user’s requirements. A type of robot program at search engine, continuously updates and preserves all online information, which is termed as ‘Indexing’. The most popular search engine of world is ‘Google’ which provides real time information with the blink of eyes. Other popular search engines are ‘Yahoo’, ‘Bing’ etc.    

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Small Task: Work Everyday! Earn Everyday! (Part-2)

earn by small task like click & search,facebook like,download & install,bookmark,sign up,backlink,twiter, etc.Various types of works are available in the micro work sites like:

Click and Search: Client will give a link of any site. You have to visit this site and search with some provided words.Then click on some ads as per your client’s requirement.

Bookmark a page: You have to bookmark a site on another site. Some book marking  sites are .. , , . Sometimes client may mention the site. Before bookmarking you must open an account on those site.

Sign up: You have to register on some required site by your client. This is quite similar to opening an account on yahoo mail, or google mail etc.

Comment on other blog: You have to make comment on any site required by client. The comment should be relevant to content.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Small Task: Work Everyday! Earn Every Day ! (Part-1)

You don’t have any particular skill on any particular segment, but you want to earn online, you want to become a freelancer! You browsed many blogs, read many books and articles on freelancing. And after a while you came to know that you must belong at least some skill like good article witting, knowledge on blogging, good knowledge on application/spreadsheet software like MS Word, Excel or any kind of graphics software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Even you want to earn more money, you must have more professional knowledge on some programming language like C++, Visual Basic, PHP or professional knowledge on SEO, Affiliate Marketing etc.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Odesk Is Coming To Dhaka..!!

At last 'Odesk' is coming to Dhaka to celebrate 'Odesk Contractor Appreciation Day'. On last Thursday 'Odesk' declared this news to their official Facebook page.Dhaka has been selected along with three other cities (Austin,lligan, and Manila) by poll held in the last few days.Lahore was very close in the running but not been selected for this time.Within short time 'Odesk' will declare the time schedule for the event by their official Facebook page. Odesk Dhaka Bangladesh.Bangladeshi freelancers.Earn from Bangladesh.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

No worries for money withdrawal ...!!!!

In the freelance world most of the beginners become worried about payment procedure / withdrawal procedure.  In our country this is a common headache for the people who wants to begin freelancing or online outsourcing job. As a result they hesitate to proceed on. Believe me! It’s not a big deal at all! There are many alternatives available now for withdrawal of money. Generally after completion of any job the due amount of provider remain deposited in the escrow account of the freelancing sites. You may withdraw your money at the beginning of the month or at the middle of the month in various ways. We briefly discussed about some withdrawal process as follows:

Payoneer Debit Card

The most prompt and popular way of withdrawing money is, using Payoneer Debit Card. Payoneer is a organization who provides this MasterCard service .

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good News For Bangladeshi Freelancers !!!!

Tension of safely receiving money has been dissolved for all Bangladeshi freelancers. People who work online in Bangladesh always face this common problem of payment procedure. Most of our freelancers receive their payment through ‘Payoneer debit card’    or via any third party which sometimes cost a lot or sometimes create hassles. ‘Paypal’ and ‘Alertpay’ are most popular medium of transacting money online throughout the world. But for certain limitation they have not started their operation up to last few days. You are already informed that ‘Paypal' has declared about starting their journey to Bangladesh within September’12.But the good news is ‘Alertpay’ (another popular medium of transacting money online) has already started their journey in Bangladesh. In the recent Basis Softexpo , they have formally started their operation in Bangladesh.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Guideline to Become a Successful Freelancer…!! (Part-2)

 Some Important Facts To Be Considered:

At the beginning of your journey to freelancing world , you should be acquainted with some facts, which would help you in the long run.

After completion of your job, client will vote/rate your job (may be within 1 to 10) based on your skill. It plays very important role to win bid for new job. Once you have got  a good rating from your client, it’ll make your next bid more easier to win. So, before submitting   your job, go through your client’s requirement. If your rating is lower, your chance of winning bid for job will reduce.

Guideline of freelancing and online outsourcing.Learn how to work in online marketplace and grab all tips & tricks of online income.

Ranking will show your position among the freelancer working on a freelancing site.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Guideline to Become a Successful Freelancer…!! (Part-1)


          In the world of freelancing there are a lot of opportunities waiting for you. But first of all you have to select your own way. There are a lot of ways in the freelance market .You have to understand which way you should walk through. Don’t rush for quick money and don’t be trapped!! Always remember one thing….. Where there is quick money, there are more traps waiting for you. Keep patience! Learn than earn slowly. After a certain period you’ll find dollars are running after you! This is not dream! This is the truth! You have to keep this belief in your heart.
Guideline to become successful freelancer.Learn how to bid and win job in the online marketplace like odesk,freelancer,elance.Learn the tips and tricks to make money online.

How to start

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brief Introduction of some freelancing sites....!

This site is very versatile and dependable site in the world of freelance. Payment is made here against job on hourly basis. Budgeted jobs are also available here. During registration on this site, you have to fix your hourly rate. After completion of job you’ll be paid only for your completed tasks. Before bidding any job you it is recommended to complete your profile to 100% . You can make it 100% by appearing some tests which is easy for you like Odesk Readiness test, English skill test, Vocabulary test, Ms Word, MS Excel etc. For your ready reference you may search for a lot of test answer sheets which are available at google. Google deducts 10% commission per job completed by you. A lot of  jobs are available here. Focus on a particular skill and keep trying. Definitely you’ll achieve your goal.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Freelancing! Easy Way of Earning Online!!!

A lot of people around the world changing their own fate by way of freelancing each and every second. You need not to be bound to anybody. You are your own boss. You have your own independence to work at anytime. Just become a freelancer and drive your own career. Earning Money is so easy!!!! OOPs!! Sorry! It’s not that much easy as you think! Freelancing is easier for them who have dedication and patience. So! Mind it…!
Basic introduction of freelancing,online outsourcing and online earning.Learn how to earn working from home.

What is Freelancing / Freelancer?