Monday, May 21, 2012

Top 20 Basic SEO Tips: Increase Traffic To Your Site....

1.                                   The first and most important thing of SEO is, belonging quality content to your website. Quality contents pull visitors redundantly as people find them useful.
 Top 20 Basic SEO Tips and guidelines.Increase Traffic To Your Site and rank your site.Learn how to SEO and earn online money.
2.                       When writing contents try to use effective keywords in it and avoid irrelevant and excessive keyword. You may visit to learn which popular keywords are being used in the current time.
3.                          After completion of your site, submit your URL to various search engine like google,bing,yahoo etc.

4.                           Submit your URL to various web directory to spread your site worldwide.You can take the help of  url submitizing software which you can download from internet. You may visit   for more web directory list and submission.

5.                          Submit details information of your business and your website, to Google Maps. By this visitors will get your actual location and visit your site on their need.

6.                          Create sitemap by software or by using   and upload sitemap.xml file to  the web server. Sitemap is mainly the summary of your website. It is very important to create your page rank.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

First Odesk Contractor Appreciation Day on May 16 at Dhaka!

As we know after a selection process Dhaka has been selected for Odesk Contractor Appreciation Day along with other three cities of different countries. Recently Odesk declared their First Odesk Contractor Appreciation Day is going to be held at Dhaka on May 16.Odesk has given this news on April 28,2012 on their official fan page of facebook. This program will be arranged at Emmanuelle's Banquet Hall, Dhaka. Odesk has already issued invitations to users' registered email addresses with unique registration codes. No more tickets are available now. For the continual demand for tickets Odesk is trying to find scope of open up more spots at this local event, in that case they promised to share details to all instantly.

Best of luck to the upcoming Odesk Contractor Appreciation Day,Dhaka ! Again, thanks to Odesk for giving this opportunity to celebrate. Good wishes to Odesk ,on behalf of all the freelancers of Bangladesh.

For getting more update and being connected with Odesk you can visit this official fan page… .

 For your Update:

Check out the latest post on the oDesk blog, where oDesk's VP of Marketplace Operations Matt Cooper recounts his recent trip to Dhaka, Bangladesh for Contractor Appreciation Day! He also discusses why the country has been so successful with online work, and why it will continue to thrive on oDesk. 

Read this article by Matt Cooper......   Bangladesh:An Online Work Success Story