Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good News For Bangladeshi Freelancers !!!!

Tension of safely receiving money has been dissolved for all Bangladeshi freelancers. People who work online in Bangladesh always face this common problem of payment procedure. Most of our freelancers receive their payment through ‘Payoneer debit card’    or via any third party which sometimes cost a lot or sometimes create hassles. ‘Paypal’ and ‘Alertpay’ are most popular medium of transacting money online throughout the world. But for certain limitation they have not started their operation up to last few days. You are already informed that ‘Paypal' has declared about starting their journey to Bangladesh within September’12.But the good news is ‘Alertpay’ (another popular medium of transacting money online) has already started their journey in Bangladesh. In the recent Basis Softexpo , they have formally started their operation in Bangladesh.

‘Casada Technology Bangladesh Limited’ has been given the charge of  Alertpay Bangladesh operation. From now on freelancer can bring their hardly earned money at any amount to their own bank account through ‘Alertpay’. Business Manager of ‘Alertpay’ has given a Video declaration on Youtube about their operation in Bangladesh. If you want to watch this video, click this link.  What you have to do to avail this opportunity is nothing but to open an account on  Alertpay . After Sign up, log in to your account and you’ll find an option ‘Add Bank Account ’ .Click it and give all the information in the required field. That’s all. It’ll cost you Tk.240 at a time to withdraw your amount from bank. So no worries from now on! Only concentrate on your work and make money online.


  1. This is really a Hot and Latest News for freelancers like me. Because I always need of a safe online money receiving and transaction system for my outsourcing business. But the PayPal is the most desire one for online transaction. Overall its a great news for all of us.

  2. Freelancers actually lose a lot of money with prepaid debit cards as they are charged every time they withdraw and has additional hidden conversion fees for withdrawing in local currency. Transpay is becoming really popular for Bengali freelancers because its 100% free (they do not charge fees unlike Payoneer) and you can get paid via direct bank deposit or have it sent to a cash pickup location. They pay you in local currency so you don't have to worry about FX, and also you get your payments very fast, usually in under 2 hours.

    1. Agree with Trisha, Transpay is FAST. They always send text whenever my money is available.

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