Thursday, February 02, 2012

Guideline to Become a Successful Freelancer…!! (Part-1)


          In the world of freelancing there are a lot of opportunities waiting for you. But first of all you have to select your own way. There are a lot of ways in the freelance market .You have to understand which way you should walk through. Don’t rush for quick money and don’t be trapped!! Always remember one thing….. Where there is quick money, there are more traps waiting for you. Keep patience! Learn than earn slowly. After a certain period you’ll find dollars are running after you! This is not dream! This is the truth! You have to keep this belief in your heart.
Guideline to become successful freelancer.Learn how to bid and win job in the online marketplace like odesk,freelancer,elance.Learn the tips and tricks to make money online.

How to start

At first register to any popular freelance marketplace like odesk, freelancer, vworker etc. At the time of registration you have to fill up correctly all your personal details, address, e-mail etc. After registration you have to complete your profile/resume where you should mention area of your expertise. You may also add here your previous experience, your own website link as reference. Your profile will help you to get new job in the next time

Bid for job

After successful registration you can begin to bid for new job. You’ll not get the job instantly. First time it may take time from one week to months after months. Keep patience! But don’t bid blindly. First decide which job suits you or you are expert with. It may be any data entry work or any programming language or writing or any marketing job. Payment of all data entry work is not smart enough and time consuming. Moreover, you’ll get bored after a certain period. But in the mean time, you’ll find your own way. You’ll understand that you should focus on a certain skill like php, web designing, template designing, blogging, seo, any cms like Joomla or Wordpress etc.  So, take time and get expert on your preferred field. Based on that you’ll find yourself successful.. Than who’ll dare to stop you! You are a free-lancer…..!!!!!   

                                                                                                                                     to be continued......

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