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Top 20 Basic SEO Tips: Increase Traffic To Your Site....

1.                                   The first and most important thing of SEO is, belonging quality content to your website. Quality contents pull visitors redundantly as people find them useful.
 Top 20 Basic SEO Tips and guidelines.Increase Traffic To Your Site and rank your site.Learn how to SEO and earn online money.
2.                       When writing contents try to use effective keywords in it and avoid irrelevant and excessive keyword. You may visit to learn which popular keywords are being used in the current time.
3.                          After completion of your site, submit your URL to various search engine like google,bing,yahoo etc.

4.                           Submit your URL to various web directory to spread your site worldwide.You can take the help of  url submitizing software which you can download from internet. You may visit   for more web directory list and submission.

5.                          Submit details information of your business and your website, to Google Maps. By this visitors will get your actual location and visit your site on their need.

6.                          Create sitemap by software or by using   and upload sitemap.xml file to  the web server. Sitemap is mainly the summary of your website. It is very important to create your page rank.

7.       Use robots.txt file. For Robots.txt Generator visit .

8.                          Use RSS Feed to your site. You can also use any widget like any news channels or others which gets updated time to time. As a result your site will remain live and it’ll help to increase your page rank.

9.                           To increase your visitor take help of email marketing software. You’ll find various E-mal grabber software on internet to download. By this software you can hunt millions of email addresses worldwide. Send attractive and convincing invitations to these email addresses to visit your site. ‘Atomicms software’  is such a software which you can download from web with no cost.

10.                      Sign up to as many social sites (facebook,twitter,linkedin,orkut,nexopia etc.) as you can and make friends continuously. Create fan page, join groups, like others fan page and increase interaction with others. These will help to increase visitor to your site.
11.                      Another way of increasing traffic is article marketing. There are many sites where you can promote your site by article writing on various topics. You can pull a lot of visitors from these sites like,, and so on.

12.                      Commenting is another important thing of SEO. Comment to various blog and give your opinion as many as you can. Only consider the blog page rank .High PR site will definitely pull high traffic.

13.                      Another important way of site marketing is forum posting. First of all, find some rich forums which are relevant to your topics. Join them and interact with site url in your post .You may also take help of some forum posting software to save you time. ‘Forum Plus’ is such a software which you can easily download from web.

14.                      You may join some popular groups at or to increase your site traffic significantly. Millions of people are using these groups. So don’t let go this great opportunity to market your site.

15.                      Join chat room like yahoo chat room via messenger. Don’t miss this opportunity of instant Chat Marketing.

16.                      You tube video upload: Join youtube and Create related channel and upload video to your channel with various related topics which will bring handsome traffic to your site.

17.                      Use  'Add This' gadget to your site. By this button visitor may share and bookmark your site to about 320 social bookmarking sites if they like.  
18.                      Work at least 5/6 hours initially to market your site each day. Then within short time you’ll find your site at the top rank 
19.                      Here are some tools for your reference which you may find helpful:

20.          Never quit  SEO of your site. Everyday try to do some SEO, which will not let your traffic down and you’ll get regular visitor.

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