Monday, February 27, 2012

Guideline to Become a Successful Freelancer…!! (Part-2)

 Some Important Facts To Be Considered:

At the beginning of your journey to freelancing world , you should be acquainted with some facts, which would help you in the long run.

After completion of your job, client will vote/rate your job (may be within 1 to 10) based on your skill. It plays very important role to win bid for new job. Once you have got  a good rating from your client, it’ll make your next bid more easier to win. So, before submitting   your job, go through your client’s requirement. If your rating is lower, your chance of winning bid for job will reduce.

Guideline of freelancing and online outsourcing.Learn how to work in online marketplace and grab all tips & tricks of online income.

Ranking will show your position among the freelancer working on a freelancing site.
Generally ranking is determined by your average rating and the total amount of money earned by you on a certain period. If your ranking is good you’ll win bid very comfortably.

Before beginning of a job, client will set you a time-frame to complete the job within. If you think you are unable to complete the job within the deadline, you may request your client to extend the time. If your client denies extending time, you should not accept the job. If you are failed to complete the job within deadline, there are chances to lose all the money for the job. So, be very cautious about deadline.

Escrow account is mainly an account maintained by the freelancing site, where clients deposit their money against any certain job and after successful completion of job freelancing site makes payment to the coder from this account. So, Escrow account is safe for the both parties for transaction.

If your client denies any time to make payment even after successful completion of  job, at that time you may take help of arbitration/mediation service of the freelancing site. You can make complaint against your client to the freelancing site. After verification of your complaint, if they find you are right, they will clear your dues certainly. If your complaints are wrong or intentional, they will reduce your rating.  

NB: In our next articles we’ll discuss more about freelancing more consequently. So, keep a sharp eye on us….!!


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