Thursday, March 15, 2012

No worries for money withdrawal ...!!!!

In the freelance world most of the beginners become worried about payment procedure / withdrawal procedure.  In our country this is a common headache for the people who wants to begin freelancing or online outsourcing job. As a result they hesitate to proceed on. Believe me! It’s not a big deal at all! There are many alternatives available now for withdrawal of money. Generally after completion of any job the due amount of provider remain deposited in the escrow account of the freelancing sites. You may withdraw your money at the beginning of the month or at the middle of the month in various ways. We briefly discussed about some withdrawal process as follows:

Payoneer Debit Card

The most prompt and popular way of withdrawing money is, using Payoneer Debit Card. Payoneer is a organization who provides this MasterCard service .
But you can not apply it directly from Payoneer.You have to apply for this debit card through various freelancing sites. Almost every freelancing sites are giving this opportunity to their provider through Payoneer. By this card you can withdraw your desired money from every ATM booth bearing MasterCard logo from anywhere in the world. Freelancing sites are charging nominal fees against issuing of this card. You need not to pay it in advance. They’ll deduct it only when balance is available to your card. There is a withdrawal fee of  $2.15 or 3% of withdrawal money which is higher against every withdrawal from ATM booth. With this debit card you can also make any kind of international purchase online or offline.

Snail Mail Check

Comparatively this procedure is cost effective but time consuming. If you earn more than $100 (one hundred dollar) they will send a check by post mail. It’ll cost only $10 (ten dollar) for every withdrawal. It may take one week to more than one month to receive this mail. With the help of bank you can covert this check to local currency.

Bank to Bank Wire Transfer

More reliable and safe way of withdrawal money is Wire Transfer. By this procedure money is deposited directly to provider’s bank account within 3 to 5 days. But the cost is a bit higher compare to others for withdrawing money. It’ll cost $45 to $55 for each withdrawal. You have to provide to the freelancing site some information like Bank Account Number, Bank address, SWIFT Code, Routing number etc .

NB: in the next article we’ll discuss about …how to apply for Payoneer Debit Card!! So! keep following us…!!!

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