Monday, June 18, 2012

Article Writing / Marketing: That makes money for you…

Most of the people among us are able to write an article about anything. During our institutional education period most of us have prepared different assignments on different subjects. We all know that article is mainly writing a discussion about something. So, it is not a new issue. But the issue what we are going to discuss briefly is how to make your article into money or how to increase your income by article writing.

            There are a lot of websites available in the world of internet, where people write article on various topic and submit. Many people visit these sites everyday to gather necessary information on various topics. As a result everyday these sites get millions of visitor on an average. You can also earn money by submitting article to these sites on your favorite topic.

You can earn money by submitting article to various sites on your favorite topic.Learn how to make money online by article submission from

            If you have your own website than Article Marketing is a very good process to get a handsome traffic to your site. You may write article about some topics related to your site. For example, if your site is about sports than write article about sports and submit them to some free article submission sites with your site link. If your written article is good in content and informative than search engine like google, yahoo will get this as well as you‘ll get visitor to your own site. So, you should try to develop a good habit of regular article writing and article publishing. As much as article you can write, as much as visitor you’ll get for your site. Here we discussed about some popular sites for your reference as follows:
      A lot of visitor visit this site everyday and read article, write article or search for information on different topics. At present google page rank of this site is 6 and alexa ranking is 298 .
You should sign up an account here to submit an article with your site link. After signing up you’ll get an URL which will work as website. You can earn money by submitting article here. You’ll get many advantages for article marketing @ . The main 3 advantages are:
1.      You’ll get many visitors to own site which will increase your income.
2.      From here you can apply for google adsense and use it.
3.      You can also apply for ads from By the text link ad of kontera you can also earn handsome money.   It is also a very popular site. At present google page rank of this site is 6 and alexa ranking is 313.You must open a new account @  to submit article. You can also earn from here by using google adsense.   At present google page rank of this site is 5.You may also apply here for google adsense.If you regularly write @ you’ll regularly get a good traffic to your site.

We have to realize that it is a great way to get back links for your web site is to write articles and submit them to web sites that will promote your articles. Write an article on something that you know and put your web site in the signature of the article. Some other popular sites for article submission are:

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