Thursday, April 19, 2012

Small Task: Work Everyday! Earn Everyday! (Part-2)

earn by small task like click & search,facebook like,download & install,bookmark,sign up,backlink,twiter, etc.Various types of works are available in the micro work sites like:

Click and Search: Client will give a link of any site. You have to visit this site and search with some provided words.Then click on some ads as per your client’s requirement.

Bookmark a page: You have to bookmark a site on another site. Some book marking  sites are .. , , . Sometimes client may mention the site. Before bookmarking you must open an account on those site.

Sign up: You have to register on some required site by your client. This is quite similar to opening an account on yahoo mail, or google mail etc.

Comment on other blog: You have to make comment on any site required by client. The comment should be relevant to content.

Forums Posting: You have to register on some forum as per client’s requirement. You have to put a link of client’s website as signature. You may also be required to comment on those sites.

Facbook : This type of job includes accepting friend on facebook, liking any fan page, posting any content to your own wall etc.

Twitter: It includes following some one on twitter or posting some thing.

Write an article: You have to write an article of 50 to 500 words on some particular topics required by client . But the article must be unique. You can verify your article on  .

Download and install: Your client will require you to download any particular software and install it on your pc.

Youtube: You must have an account on youtube. Sometimes you have to like some video posted by your client, rate it and comment on it.

You should be careful when working on these micro work sites about some things i.e. not to open more than one account in different name. If they find several account they may block your account. Never do any job here which you don’t understand clearly. If any of your job is rejected, buyer will give ‘not satisfied’ rating and your success rate will also reduce.  When your success rate is less than 75% you’ll not be able to do any job for the next thirty days.

From you can withdraw your money when your balance is $9 and in case of your balance should be $2 to withdraw. You can withdraw your money from these sites through Check, Paypal, Alertpay, Moneybookers. In the you’ll be charged a withdrawal fee of $4.5 through check, 6% for Paypal, 6.5% for Moneybookers and Alertpay.

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